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SOFIA Presentations to Educators and Students

Please credit "NASA/SOFIA Outreach" when using these presentations.

Presentation on recent SOFIA science results by D. Backman to the SOFIA Earth Partner educators Cycle 2 cohort, in a web video conference, September 2014.

Recent SOFIA Science Results (D. Backman) (V. Sep. 2014) (ppt, 26.4MB)

Presentation on SOFIA and Cosmic Evolution by D. Backman at the April 2014 Boston, MA National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) conference.

NASA's SOFIA, Cosmic Evolution, and Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors (D. Backman) (V. Apr. 2014) (pdf, 5.6MB)

SOFIA ppt slide sets organized by topic, plus
complete presentations by E. Zavala, D. Backman, C. Clark, and P. Harman

SOFIA Mission Operations (V. Oct. 2012) (ppt, 9MB)

SOFIA Science (V. Oct. 2012) (ppt, 13MB)

SOFIA Telescope Instruments (V. Oct. 2012) (ppt, 13MB)

SOFIA's Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors Program (V. Oct. 2012) (ppt, 10MB)

Airborne Astronomy History (V. Oct. 2012) (ppt, 22MB)

EM Radiation and Multiwavelength Astronomy (V. Oct. 2012) (ppt, 11MB)

SOFIA Aircraft History (V. Oct. 2012) (ppt, 17MB)

SOFIA Mission History (V. Oct. 2012) (ppt, 18MB)

Active Astronomy Classroom Kit (V. Oct. 2012) (ppt, 428KB)

Open Door Test video (.mov, 11MB)

SOFIA Overview and Aeronautics (E. Zavala) (V. Oct. 2012) (ppt, 10MB)

SOFIA and Active Astronomy Kits (D. Backman) (V. Oct. 2012) (ppt, 29MB)

NASA's SOFIA Mission and Cosmic Evolution (D. Backman) (V. Oct. 2012) (PDF, 39MB)

Telescopes and Multiwavelength Astronomy (D. Backman) (V. Oct. 2012) (PDF, 20MB)

Galileoscopes: Explore the EM Spectrum and the Universe (C. Clark, P. Harman, D. Backman) (V. Oct. 2012) (PDF, 9MB)

Astronomy from the Stratosphere: NASA's SOFIA Mission (D. Backman) (V Mar. 2013) (pdf, 25.8MB)






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