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Resources for Journalists


Fact Sheets/Brochures

Scientific Observation Images


SOFIA b-roll web preview (61.5 MB)
File for media distribution with 1920x1080 resolution and encoded with the ProRes codec (2.6 GB)

SOFIA Twilight air-to-air, door opening

SOFIA New Zealand 2013 Deployment video

SOFIA History Articles

SOFIA Optical Path

SOFIA Program Staff Biographies

SOFIA Operations
Eddie Zavala -- Program Manager (NASA)
Michael Toberman -- Deputy Program Manager (NASA)
Brent Cobleigh -- Platform Project Manager (NASA)

SOFIA Science Operations
Peter Zell-- Science Project Manager (NASA)
Pamela Marcum -- Project Scientist (NASA)
Tom Roellig -- Deputy Project Scientist (NASA)
Ed Harmon -- Mission Operations Manager (NASA)

Erick Young -- Science Mission Operations Director (USRA)
Hans Zinnecker -- Science Mission Operations Deputy Director (DSI)
Helen Hall -- Associate Director for Program Management (USRA)
Kortney Opshaug -- Associate Director for Mission Operations (USRA)
Nancy McKown -- Mission Operations Manager (USRA)
Charlie Kaminski -- Engineering & Maintenance Manager (USRA)

Eric Becklin -- Scientific Advisor (USRA)
Göran Sandell -- Associate Chief Scientist (USRA)
B-G Andersson -- Science Operations Manager (USRA)
Jürgen Wolf -- Senior Research Scientist (DSI)

Media Contacts


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