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November '14

SOFIA's Heavy Maintenance Visit Progresses ... more

Nature paper published including SOFIA/GREAT results ... more

October '14

Cycle 3 Results Announced ... more

Cycle 3 Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors Call for Applications opens ... more

New Book Details Kuiper Flying Observatory's History ... more

Capabilities of SOFIA's Science Instruments ... more

Cycle 2 AAA SOFIA Flights ... more

July '14

Mission Manager's Update ... more

June '14

GREAT Far-IR Spectrometer’s H-channel Offers New Science Opportunities ... more

Testing of EXES Mid-IR Spectrograph Begins on SOFIA ... more

NASA Declares Airborne Observatory Fully Operational ... more

May '14

SOFIA's Instrument Suite Gains New Spectrometer, FIFI-LS ... more

April '14

EXES Instrument Ready for Observations ... more

March '14

Commissioning Tests of SOFIA’s FIFI-LS Spectrometer Begin ... more

SOFIA Target of Opportunity: Observing Supernova 2014J ... more

February '14

SOFIA's Allan Meyer Recognized by the University of Stuttgart for Career Contributions to Airborne Astronomy ... more

January '14

Nature versus Nurture: Evolution of Massive Stars Near the Galactic Center ... more

NASA Observatory Selects Educator Teams for 2014 Science Flights ... more

November '13

Target of Opportunity: Comet ISON ... more

FIFI-LS on its way to California ... more

SOFIA Announces Cycle 2 Observing Program Selections ... more

September '13

Reuse, Recycle: SOFIA Obtains Spare Parts from Government Surplus 747s ... more

August '13

Gordon Fullerton, SOFIA's First Pilot, Passes Away ... more

Mission Manager's Update ... more

July '13

NASA's SOFIA Investigates the Southern Sky from New Zealand ... more



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