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Cycle 3 Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors Call for Applications is now closed.

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Educational Materials- Classroom activities related to SOFIA science and technology.

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Dana Backman explains the difference between visible and infrared light to visitors
(NASA / Dominic Hart)

SOFIA Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) is geared toward people involved in science education such as K-14 classroom teachers, planetarium and science museum educators, community organization leaders, scientists doing E/PO, amateur astronomers with public outreach programs, and journalists writing about science education. Here you will find information about SOFIA E/PO activities including workshops, presentations and other educational events, programs being implemented and planned, and content resources for astronomy and space science education.

SOFIA was designed from the ground up with the capability to allow visiting educators and journalists to closely observe the research process. This ability to allow non-research visitors to get close to the workings of the observatory, to observe first-hand how scientists really think, work, interact and use technology is a key feature of SOFIA.

With this unique educational capability integrated into an observatory which is already science-rich and technologically intensive, SOFIA offers great opportunities to enhance scientific literacy for pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate education. SOFIA's E/PO program will bring the excitement, hardships, challenges, discoveries, teamwork and educational values of SOFIA to students, teachers, and the general public on a national and even international scale.

SOFIA will promote excellence in science, mathematics, and technology education through direct involvement of non-scientists in partnerships, workshops, internships, and as observers on research flights.

The SOFIA E/PO Program is a partnership with The SETI Institute and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, both non-profit organizations with experience in developing and managing complex educational programs for astronomers, students and the public.


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