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The Universe in the Classroom

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SOFIA Outreach eNewsletter


Want to stay up to date on SOFIA education? Subscribe to SOFIA Educators eNewsletter.

SOFIA Outreach sends out email newsletters several times per year with items of interest to educators, students, and members of the general public. We invite everyone to subscribe to the newsletter by adding their names to our email mailing list. The information might be of particular interest to those involved in science education: teachers (any grade), museum or planetarium professionals, youth or community organization workers or volunteers, scientists who do outreach, journalists in science education, and students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. The eNewsletters will also provide news and information regarding upcoming opportunities for educators involving SOFIA, including our Airborne Ambassadors Program.

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SOFIA Outreach eNewsletters:

vol. 10.2 July 2015

vol. 10.1 March 2015

vol. 9.2 November 2014

vol. 9.1 July 2014

vol. 8.1 April 2013

vol. 7.3 October 2012

vol. 7.2 June 2012

vol. 7.1 March 2012

vol. 6 June 2011

vol. 5 December 2009

vol. 4 January 2006

vol. 2 February 2004

vol. 1 March 2002

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