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Multimedia Gallery

The SOFIA multimedia gallery contains a wide collection of images, art works, features, audios and videos on the SOFIA project. Our pictures are offered for public use if the provided the blanket credit below is included. For information and help in accessing and viewing the various multimedia files, printing and downloading the images in the gallery, go to the Gallery Assistance Center. The gallery is organized under the following categories:

To use our images please provide the blanket credit:
"NASA, USRA (Universities Space Research Association), and L-3 Communications Integrated Systems"

SOFIA Observatory
View the collection of images of the observatory, instruments, and patches.
go to SOFIA observatory gallery
SOFIA Scientific Observations
View the collection of images from SOFIA's scientific observations.
go to SOFIA scientific observations gallery
SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors
Photos of SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors boarding, observing, and in the community.
go to SOFIA AAA gallery
SOFIA Southern Deployment 2013
Photos from the 2013 deployment to Christchurch, New Zealand.
go to SOFIA southern deployment 2013 gallery
SOFIA Aircraft
View the collection of images, art works and videos showing the SOFIA aircraft from its original state through its transormation into a world-class observatory.
go to SOFIA aircraft gallery
SOFIA Telescope
See a selection of images showing the telescope's contruction and assembly.
go to SOFIA telescope gallery
Experience SOFIA through videos and animations.
go to videos and animations gallery
Fun Stuff
Have fun with games relating to SOFIA.
go to fun stuff gallery
See the people and experience the events associated with the SOFIA project.
go to people and events gallery
Gallery Assistance Center
Get plug-ins to access video files as well as information on viewing, downloading and printing images from the gallery.

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Page Last Updated: April 1, 2015

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