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Resources for Journalists


Fact Sheets/Brochures

SOFIA General Information
SOFIA general fact sheet SOFIA Science Vision The Case for SOFIA SOFIA studies
SOFIA general fact sheet The Science Vision for SOFIA
(for technical audiences)
The Case for SOFIA
(for non-technical audiences)
SOFIA Studies
Facts for reporters Aircraft and telescope fact sheet AFRC hangar fact sheet SOFIA self-guided tour
Fun Facts for Reporters Aircraft and Telescope Fact Sheet AFRC Bldg. 703 Hangar Fact Sheet SOFIA self-guided tour
Infrared Astronomy Orion's M42 region Galactic center  
Infrared Astronomy: More Than Our Eyes Can See Orion's M42 Region Signs of Recent Starbursts in the Milky Way Galaxy’s Center  

SOFIA Shareables/Infographics
SOFIA telescope diameter SOFIA airborne telescope stabilization SOFIA telescope cavity airflow
SOFIA Airborne Telescope Diameter SOFIA Airborne Telescope Stabilization SOFIA Telescope Cavity Airflow
40 years of airborne astronomy Pluto occultation  
Celebrating More than 40 Years of Airborne Astronomy SOFIA Observes Pluto Occultation  

SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors
AAA teachers in front of SOFIA SOFIA EPO brochure  
Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors photo gallery Partners in Science Education/Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors  

SOFIA Science Fact Sheets
SOFIA tech flyer EXES fact sheet FIFI-LS fact sheet FLITECAM fact sheet
SOFIA Technical flyer EXES instrument fact sheet FIFI-LS instrument fact sheet FLITECAM instrument fact sheet
FORCAST fact sheet GREAT fact sheet HIPO fact sheet SOFIA M17 fact sheet
FORCAST instrument fact sheet GREAT instrument fact sheet HIPO instrument fact sheet SOFIA science: M17 fact sheet
SOFIA M42 fact sheet SOFIA CNR fact sheet    
SOFIA science: M42 fact sheet SOFIA science: Circumnuclear Ring fact sheet  

SOFIA Photos


SOFIA b-roll web preview (61.5 MB)
SOFIA b-roll for media distribution with 1920x1080 resolution and encoded with the ProRes codec (2.6 GB)

SOFIA Twilight air-to-air, door opening

SOFIA New Zealand 2013 Deployment video

SOFIA History Articles

SOFIA Optical Path

SOFIA Program Staff Biographies

SOFIA Operations
Eddie Zavala -- Program Manager (NASA)
Michael Toberman -- Operations Director (NASA)
David McAllister -- Deputy Program Manager for Operations (NASA)
George Sarver-- Deputy Program Manager (NASA)

SOFIA Science Operations
Pamela Marcum -- Project Scientist (NASA)
Tom Roellig -- Deputy Project Scientist (NASA)
Ed Harmon -- Mission Manager (NASA)

Erick Young -- Science Mission Operations Director (USRA)
Hans Zinnecker -- Science Mission Operations Deputy Director (DSI)
William B. Latter  - Associate Director for Mission Operations (USRA)
William Reach - Associate Director for Science (USRA)
Nancy McKown -- Mission Operations Manager (USRA)
Charlie Kaminski -- Engineering & Maintenance Manager (USRA)

Eric Becklin -- Scientific Advisor (USRA)
Göran Sandell -- Associate Chief Scientist (USRA)
B-G Andersson -- Science Operations Manager (USRA)
Jürgen Wolf -- Senior Research Scientist (DSI)

Media Contacts


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