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November '15

SOFIA Cycle 4 Science Program Selections Announced ... more

September '15

NASA’s SOFIA Observatory Flies Star Trek Icon and Educators on Science Mission ... more

July '15

SOFIA Team Home After Observing the Southern Skies ... more

SOFIA Third Generation Science Instrument Call for Proposals ... more

June '15

SOFIA in the Right Place at the Right Time for Pluto Observations ... more

SOFIA Begins 2015 Southern Hemisphere Science Flights ... more

Upgraded Far-Infrared Spectrometer Enhances SOFIA's Capabilities ... more

April '15

Announcement - SOFIA 3rd Generation Science Instrument Call for Proposals ... more

March '15

NASA’s SOFIA Finds Missing Link Between Supernovae and Planet Formation ... more

February '15

NASA AA for Science John Grunsfeld flies on SOFIA ... more

NASA Educator Professional Development Program Will Fly Again in 2015 ... more

January '15

SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassador presents Tedx Talk ... more

NASA's Airborne Observatory Begins 2015 Science Campaign ... more




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