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Cycle 8 Proposals - Extension Available for Hurricane Dorian Victims

Proposers directly affected by Hurricane Dorian may request a one-week extension of the deadline. Contact the Science Mission Operations director Dr. Harold Yorke with a brief, specific, explanation to request the extension.

SOFIA Cycle 8 Call for Proposals timeline

Visit the Cycle 8 webpage for more information ​here.

Read the Call for Proposals (for regular proposals) here.
Read the Call for Proposals for Legacy (SLP) and Archival (SARP) programs here.
Read the Observer's Handbook for Cycle 8 here.

On May 31, 2019, the SOFIA program released two Calls for Proposals (CfPs) with three types of proposal opportunities: one Call for regular proposals, and a separate Call for both the SOFIA Legacy Program (SLP) and the new SOFIA Archival Research Program (SARP). Funding is available for Guest Observers with affiliations in the U.S. (see the relevant CfP for details). The deadline for submitting proposals was September 6, 2019, 21:00 PDT (September 7, 2019, 4:00 UTC). A one-week extension is available for proposers directly affected by Hurricane Dorian. Contact the Science Mission Operations director Dr. Harold Yorke with a brief, specific, explanation to request the extension.

Increase the Chance of Your Proposal's Acceptance!


proposal tools webinar banner

The webinar has ended, but the video tutorials are available for download!

Submitting a proposal for Cycle 8? Avoid the typical pitfalls in observing time estimates and enhance the Technical Feasibility section of your proposal by reviewing the presentations given at the Proposal Tools Webinar! Associated video tutorials are now available.

To further help increase the chances of your proposal's success, use the inverse targets of observation plots to submit observing requests for complementary sky positions. The plots display regions of the sky where further research is needed and are optimum for planning efficient observations with SOFIA's unique observing platform.


Cycle 7 Selection Results

Overview of the galactic center survey targeted by the FORCAST legacy program

Overview of the galactic center survey targeted by the FORCAST legacy program led by M. Hankins (Caltech). The survey regions (in yellow) are plotted over a false-color map of the Galactic Center created with MSX 21 μm (red), Spitzer/MIPS 24 μm (green), and Spitzer/IRAC 8 μm (blue) data. Notable galactic center sources are marked in white.

View the Cycle 7 Selection Results here.

The following two SOFIA Legacy Programs have been selected for Cycle 7:

Constraining Recent Star Formation in the Galactic Center
PI: Matthew Hankins, Caltech
Proposal ID 07_0189

Radiative and Mechanical Feedback in Regions of Massive Star Formation 
Co-PIs: Alexander G.G.M. Tielens, University of Maryland; Nicola Schneider, University of Cologne, Germany
Proposal ID 07_0077

Read more about the selected Legacy proposals here.

Astrophysical Journal Letters - Special Issue featuring SOFIA!

ApJL Cover

Download the Special Issue here.

Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation Special Issue featuring SOFIA!


Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation cover

Download the Special Issue here.

Cookbook Recipes


SOFIA cookbook logo

View and download the Cookbook Recipes here.

The Cookbooks Recipes contain guided examples of common data analysis objectives using SOFIA processed data. They are written for a graduate student audience and are intended to be used with the Data Handbooks. The Cookbook Recipes and Data Handbooks are located on the Data Resources webpage.

SOFIA currently has the following Cookbook Recipes available:

  • FORCAST Photometry
  • FORCAST Grism Spectra Series:
  • I.  Basic Inspection and Assessment
  • III.  Basic Line Analysis
  • II.  Custom Spectral Extraction
  • HAWC+ Data Recipe with 30 Doradus Publicly Available SDDT Data
  • FIFI-LS: Basic Cube Analysis using SOSPEX
  • GREAT: How to View GREAT Spectra Using CLASS Utility

HIRMES: SOFIA's Latest High-Resolution Mid-Infrared Spectrometer


HIRMES Flyer [pdf]
Examples of HIRMES potential scientific observations and brief summary of specifications

HIRMES Instrument Paper [pdf]
In-depth summary of HIRMES specifications and preliminary assessment of performance

HIRMES Presentation [pdf]
Additional preliminary information for HIRMES from the instrument principal investigator.

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