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SOFIA eNewsletter for Scientists



These eNewsletters are distributed several times per year to scientists, educators, and other interested individuals from the SOFIA Science and Missions Operations Center.

If you would like to receive our quarterly eNewsletter, please contact:    

SOFIA eNewsletter for Scientists - 2015:     

SOFIA 2015 science campaigns, Observers' Workshop in May, and Other Science News vol. 42 March 2, 2015


SOFIA eNewsletter for Scientists - 2014:     

SOFIA AAS Splinter Session and 2015 SOFIA Observers Workshop vol. 41 December 23, 2014
SOFIA Cycle 3 Call for Proposals Update and Other Information vol. 40 June 30, 2014
SOFIA AAS Splinter Session, SN 2014J Data, Instrument Commissioning vol. 39 May 30, 2014
SOFIA Cycle 3 Call for Proposals vol. 38 May 28, 2014
SOFIA SN 2014J Observations & Data Release vol.37 April 3, 2014
SOFIA Splinter Session during the January 2014 AAS meeting. vol.36 January 6, 2014


SOFIA eNewsletter for Scientists - 2013:

SOFIA's Southern Hemisphere Deployment, Cycle 2 Proposals Status, and Winter 2014 AAS Splinter Session vol. 35 September 9, 2013
SOFIA Cycle 2 Call for Proposals Released vol. 34 May 13, 2013
SOFIA Session at the June AAS & TEXES Proposal Opportunity vol. 33 March 12, 2013
SOFIA Observes Signs of Starbursts in the Galactic Center vol.32 January 29, 2013
TOWN HALL session during the 221st AAS meeting in Long Beach, Calif. vol.31 January 2013

SOFIA eNewsletter for Scientists - 2012:

SOFIA Cycle 1 Time Awards and Winter 2013 AAS SOFIA Tour and Town Hall Meeting vol. 30 October 4, 2012
SOFIA Instrument Upgrades and A&A Special Issue vol.29 April 25, 2012
Session at the AAS and Special Journal Issues of Science Papers vol.28 April 11, 2012

SOFIA eNewsletter for Scientists - 2011:

Final Release of SOFIA Cycle 1 Call for Proposals vol.27 December 15, 2011
SOFIA science community e-mail news, November 2011 vol.26 November 11, 2011
Invitation to participate in the SOFIA User's Group vol.25 September 2, 2011
SOFIA science community e-mail news, September 2011 vol.24 September 1, 2011
NASA Release of SOFIA Second Generation Instrument AO vol.23 July 18, 2011
SOFIA Completes First Science Flights with FORCAST and GREAT vol.22 April 21, 2011

SOFIA eNewsletter for Scientists - 2010:

SOFIA Observatory Completes Envelope Expansion Flight Tests
Vol. 21, November 1, 2010
SOFIA's First Light flight and Basic Science Call for Proposals vol.20 July 13, 2010

SOFIA eNewsletter for Scientists - 2009:

June 2009 AAS SOFIA Tour and Early Science Workshop vol.19 April 17, 2009

SOFIA eNewsletter for Scientists - 2007:

SOFIA science flight operations and task force updates. vol.18 Sep 25, 2007
SOFIA's first test flight and other recent developments. vol.17 May 2, 2007
Aircraft approaching first test flight, and schedule being formulated for remainder of observatory development. vol.16 Jan 24, 2007

SOFIA eNewsletter for Scientists - 2006:

Significant Programmatic Developments and Progress on the Flight System vol.15 Aug 11, 2006
Details of project reorganization and progress on five
of the nine first-generation science instruments
vol.14 Jan 5, 2006

Archive of newsletters (2001-2005)

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Page Last Updated: March 2, 2015

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