NOTE: As of March 2012, the SSSC has been replaced by the SUG.

The SOFIA Science Steering Committee (SSSC) provides scientific input on a broad range of matters concerning the SOFIA program to the Science Mission Operations (SMO) Director. Whenever multiple ways of approaching an issue are available, the SSSC has been consulted by the SMO in order to clarify which of the options has the most desirable scientific impact. The SSSC has also been a conduit for the interests, priorities and concerns of the scientific community.

SSSC Charter (2003) (PDF, 8 KB)

SSSC Members (July 2010)

Mark Morris (Co-Chair, UC Los Angeles)
Urs Graf (Co-Chair, University of Cologne)
John Bally (University of Colorado)
Edward Bergin (University of Michigan)
Imke De Pater (UC Berkeley)
Robert Gehrz (University of Minnesota)
Alfred Krabbe (DSI)
Margaret Meixner (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Keith Noll (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Instrument PIs (ex-officio members)


May 11, 2011, SOFIA Science Center, NASA Ames, CA; agenda and presentations

Agenda - 42nd meeting of the SSSC, February 2010