The second meeting of the SUG took place on September 17, 2012 at the SOFIA Science Center, NASA Ames, CA.

Report of the SOFIA Users Group

SMO response to SUG report

Title (Speaker) File
Agenda pdf
Program Update (E. Zavala) pdf
Segment 3 Platform Upgrade (B. Cobleigh) pdf
Cycle 01 Briefing (E. Young) pdf
SOFIA-SPOT (W. Vacca) pdf
Scientific Results from Early Science (G. Sandell) pdf
SOFIA Pointing Optimization Team Meeting Overview (E. Becklin) pdf
German SOFIA Science Working Group (U. Graf) pdf
New Instrumentation for SOFIA (P. Marcum) pdf
HAWC Upgrade Program (D. Dowell) pdf
SOFIA Community Task Force (R. Sankrit) pdf
SMO Ramp-up to Full Operations (E. Young, H. Hall) pdf
Status of Plans for Cycle 1 Observing (B-G. Andersson) pdf
Plans for Cycle 2 (W. Reach) pdf