The seventh meeting of the SUG took place on April 15, 2015 at the SOFIA Science Center, NASA Ames, CA.

Report of the SOFIA Users Group

Title (Speaker) File
Membership and Agenda (W. Reach) pdf
SOFIA Program Update (G. Sarver) pdf
Observing Program Update (E. Young) pdf
Responses to previous SUG Report (W. Reach) pdf
Senior Review Preparation (P. Marcum) pdf
Observation Planning (B-G Andersson) pdf
Science Outreach Activities (R. Sankrit) pdf
CLASS vs FITS for GREAT data archive (E. Chambers) pdf
Directors Discretionary time status (E. Young) pdf
Science Instruments (M. Greenhouse) pdf
FLITECAM thermal infrared (R. Hamilton) pdf
Data Processing (R. Shuping) pdf
Guest Investigator and GTO funding (W. Reach) pdf
Water Vapor Monitor (J. Van Cleve) pdf