The SOFIA project is pleased to invite proposals for a "Flash Call", for Director's Discretionary Time (DDT) observations with the FIFI-LS instrument in a celestial region, to be observed in the March 2022 Suitcase Deployment to Chile. The available sky area is approximately spanned by: RA=11h - 15h and Dec= -5˚ - +25˚.

A total of ~14h of observing time is available.

The region available corresponds to extended "dead legs" late in the flight plans focused on observations of the 30 Doradus Legacy program, and will thus generally correspond to high flight altitudes.

All advertised modes of FIFI-LS are available for these observations.

Scientific observations with the FPI+ guide camera are also possible.

Proposals should be submitted through the USPOT tool to "Cycle 75", using the proposal process for Director's Discretionary Time observations. The Observers Handbook details properties of FIFI-LS.

Please note that the ingest of Cycle 10 proposals is active during this period.  Proposers are therefore urged to verify that these proposals are submitted to Cycle 75 and not to Cycle 10.

Proposals are due on Jan 21, 2022, 9 pm PST. The proposals will be evaluated though an abbreviated, dual anonymous, review process. Proposers are therefore reminded to anonymize their texts accordingly.  Selections are expected to be announced by the week of January 31.

Questions about the call or proposals can be addressed to the SOFIA Help desk: