Most questions, including those concerning retired instruments, can be answered by the SOFIA Help-Desk. When necessary, the Help-Desk will redirect questions to the appropriate point of contact.

SOFIA Help-Desk

Director's Discretionary Time Requests
Science Mission Operations Director: Margaret Meixner

Grants Administrator
SOFIA Principal Contracts & Grants Manager: Julie Pelletier
Manager, Contracts & Grants: Evelyn Monroy

Science Events, Communication to users, Online Documentation
Scientist, Manager of Science Outreach team: Arielle Moullet
Observatory Scientist: Steve Goldman

Science Writer and Social Media
Anashe Bandari

Website and Graphics
Leslie Proudfit

Setlhodiane Ramatlhodi (Tubs)

Principal Investigator: Matthew J. Richter
Instrument Scientist: Curtis DeWitt
Instrument Scientist: Ed Montiel
Instrument Scientist: Maisie Rashman

Instrument Scientist: Robert Minchin
Instrument Scientist: Dario Fadda
Instrument Scientist: Jason Chu
Instrument Scientist: Christian Fischer (DSI)

Instrument Scientist: Nicole Karnath
Instrument Scientist: Wanggi Lim
Instrument Scientist: James Radomski
Instrument Scientist: Sachin Shenoy (SSI)

Instrument Scientist: Enrico Pfüller

Principal Investigator: Jürgen Stutzki
Instrument Scientist: Randolf Klein
Instrument Scientist: Kyle Kaplan
Instrument Scientist: Ed Montiel
Instrument Scientist: Steven Mairs

Instrument Scientist: Simon Coudé
Instrument Scientist: Ryan Arneson
Instrument Scientist: Peter Ashton
Instrument Scientist: Sarah Eftekharzadeh
Instrument Scientist: Sachin Shenoy (SSI)