Target: IC 342
Target Description: Face-on spiral galaxy in nearby galaxy group

Instrument: GREAT
Spectral Elements: L1, L2 Channel
Rest Frequency: [NII] 1461.13GHz, [CII] 1900.5369 GHz
Bandwidth: 2.5 GHz
Spectral resolution: 88.5kHz
On-source observing time: 2.5 to 7.5 minutes per position
Observation dates: February 2014

Proposal ID: 01_0161
Program PI: M. Röllig
Publication: Röllig et al., A&A, 591, A33

Technical Note

GREAT was used in the L1/L2 configuration with the L1 channel tuned to [N II] 3P1 → 3P0 (ν = 1461.13 GHz) and the L2 channel tuned to [C II] 3P3/2 → 3P1/2 (ν = 1900.5369 GHz). The total observing time per position is between 2.5 and 7.5 min on-source. The system temperature (SSB) varied between about 1300 K and 1400 K for [N II] and between 1900 K and 3200 K for the [C II] line. The baseline noise RMS is between 21 and 62 mK for [N II] and between 42 and 98 mK for [C II] when the spectra were smoothed to a resolution of 2 and 4 km/s, respectively. The spatial resolution of the [C II] and [N II] observations are 14" and 18.3", respectively.