Legacy Program Completion Table

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Selected in Cycle 7

Radiative and Mechanical Feedback in Regions of Massive Star Formation 
Co-PIs: Alexander G.G.M. Tielens (University of Maryland) and Nicola Schneider (University of Cologne, Germany)
Proposal ID: 07_0077
Instrument: GREAT
89% complete

Constraining Recent Star Formation in the Galactic Center
PI: Matthew Hankins, Caltech
Proposal ID: 07_0189
Instrument: FORCAST
83% complete

Selected in Cycle 8

HyGAL: Characterizing the Galactic Interstellar Medium with Hydrides
Co-PIs: David Neufeld (Johns Hopkins University) and Peter Schilke (University of Cologne)
Proposal ID: 08_0038
Instrument: GREAT
72% complete

FIELDMAPS: Filaments Extremely Long and Dark: A Magnetic Polarization Survey (Pilot Legacy Program)
PI: Ian Stephens (Harvard & Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
Proposal ID: 08_0186
Instrument: HAWC+
56% complete

SOFIA Heralds a New Era of Measuring the Magnetic Fields of Galaxies (Legacy Program)
Co-PIs: Enrique Lopez-Rodriguez (Stanford) and Ann Mao (MPIfR)
Proposal ID: 08_0012
Instrument: HAWC+
72% complete

Selected in Cycle 9

SOFIA Joint Legacy Survey of [CII] in the LMC: LMC+ (Pilot Legacy Program)
Co-PIs: Suzanne Madden (CEA) and Alfred Krabbe (Stuttgart)
Proposal ID: 09_0036
Instrument: FIFI-LS
75% complete

A Two-Color Polarimetric Survey of the Galactic Center (Pilot Legacy Program)
PI: David Chuss (Villanova University)
Proposal ID: 09_0054
Instrument: HAWC+
86% complete

Study of Interstellar Magnetic Polarization: A Legacy Investigation of Filaments (SIMPLIFI) (Pilot Legacy Program)
PI: Thushara Pillai (Boston University)
Proposal ID: 09_0215
Instrument: HAWC+
210% complete

Mapping the 6 Micron Molecular Water Line Across the Lunar Surface (Pilot Legacy Program)
PI: Paul Lucey (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Proposal ID: 09_0171
Instrument: FORCAST
70% complete
The Cycle 9 Legacy proposal 09_0171 is approved as a pilot but will be executed in Cycle 8 using Director’s Discretionary Time.


Legacy Program Completion
Proposal Project Name PI Instrument Award
% Complete Remaining





96 89% (done) 11


Galactic Center Map

Hankins FORCAST 33 83% (done) 0


B Fields in Galaxies

Lopez-Rodriguez HAWC+ 156 72% 44


HyGAL Neufeld GREAT 82 72% 23


FIELDMAPS Stephens HAWC+ 42 56% 19


LMC+ Madden FIFI-LS 20* 75%** 5


B Fields in Galactic Center

Chuss HAWC+ 20* 86%** 3


Lunar Water Survey Lucey FORCAST 69 70% 20


SIMPLIFI Pillai HAWC+ 20* 210%** (done) 0

*Pilot Legacy Programs
**Percentage of Pilot Program complete