A Two-Color Polarimetric Survey of the Galactic Center (Pilot Legacy Program)
PI: David Chuss (Villanova University)
Selected in Cycle 9
Proposal ID: 09_0054
Instrument: HAWC+

Abstract Excerpt: We propose a Legacy program to utilize HAWC+ to map the central region of the Galaxy at both 214 um and 89 um. We will utilize the shared-risk scan mode polarimetry observing strategy. The 214 um map is proposed as a test case because the total integration time is modest. Upon successful completion of the 214 map, (and the approval of the Cycle 9 TAC), we will proceed with the 89 um survey in the second year of the program. The resulting data products will yield a transformative data set for understanding the magnetic fields in both the cool dust ring in the central 200 pc and the warmer dust component and its relationship to the hot features of the Galactic center. Such a data set would elucidate the role of the magnetic field in Galactic center dynamics from the 200 pc scale down to scales below a parsec.

Also see D. Chuss interview on Astrobites.