Selected highlights of the data archive
Highlight Image Summary
Betelgeuse High Resolution 25 Micron Spectra 2015-2020 The spectral orders near the [S I] 25.25 µm line

An observing program was executed close to the Betelgeuse's V-band minimum in February 2020 under several Director's Discretionary Time (DDT) programs.

These observations obtained with the EXES instrument were focused on high-spectral resolution spectra around 25 microns, encompassing forbidden [Fe II], [S I] and two water absorption features. Similar data were already obtained in 2015 and 2017, allowing evaluations of variations in line flux and width over time, with sufficient resolution (R~50000) to identify gas velocity changes.

DDT Highlight: SN 2014J Imaging and Spectroscopy with FORCAST, FLITECAM, and HIPO SN 2014J image

Imaging and grism spectroscopic data to probe the ejecta and surroundings of the bright Type Ia Supernova, SN 2014J, in M82. The observations were taken using FORCAST and the now retired instruments FLITECAM and HIPO. Read more here.

The Impact of a Supernova Remnant on a Molecular Cloud GREAT observations towards clump C and G

The SOFIA data of IC 443 can be found in the IRSA SOFIA Archive, and consist of: