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2020 Cycle 9 webinar

The 2020 Cycle 9 Proposal Tools Webinar was held on August 18, 2020 at 8-10:30 am PDT. Links to the presentations and webinar videos are in the table below.

This webinar is intended to provide practical information to both experienced and prospective SOFIA users on how to best design a scientifically and technically strong SOFIA proposal for Cycle 9.

For each SOFIA instrument, science staff members will present realistic science examples and demonstrate how to determine the necessary signal to noise, choose the observing strategy, observing time estimation with SITE and design the corresponding Astronomy Observation Request with USPOT. A focus will be put on avoiding the typical pitfalls on SNR calculation.

A general presentation will introduce the main science cases addressed by SOFIA, and the general capabilities of the instrument suite, as well as the specific features offered during Cycle 9, including the Dual Anonymous Review framework.

There will be ample time for questions at the end of the event. You will be able to ask questions through the Webex Chat interface. Question and Answers will be copied into this Google Document, where the discussions can be pursued offline.  Please feel free to contact the organizers in advance so that we can adapt the event to your needs.

2019 Cycle 8 webinar

The 2019 webinar presentations are available for download.

Friday, Aug 9, 2019 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (PDT)

In its first Proposal Tools Webinar held exactly four weeks before the upcoming deadline of the Call for Proposals (6 September 2019 PDT), the SOFIA Science Center offered an interactive, web-based course on the proposal tools available for Cycle 8. This webinar was for astronomers world-wide who are considering a SOFIA proposal or working on one, to help proposers avoid the typical pitfalls in observing time estimates and enhance the Technical Feasibility section of their proposals. Links to video tutorials are posted below.

With a focus on FIFI-LS, FORCAST, GREAT, and HAWC+, the webinar is divided into presentations on the instruments’ technical performance and capabilities, followed by live demonstrations of the proposal tools while working through sample proposal submissions. Participants were given the opportunity to ask questions in real-time while being guided through detailed examples to learn how to use the SOFIA Integration Time Estimator (SITE), decide on an observing strategy, and create astronomical observing requests (AORs) in USPOT.

Webinar Agenda (all times in Pacific Time):

Download the presentations below.

Webinar Presentations
Start Time Presentation Downloads Video Link
9:00 am Overview:
SOFIA Overview
Presentation -
9:20 am Overview:
Instruments and Observing Strategies
Presentation -
9:50 am Overview:
Proposal Steps, Tips, and Tools
Presentation -
10:10 am 20 min break - -
10:30 am Worked Example:
FORCAST imaging
Presentation Video
10:50 am Worked Example:
FORCAST grisms
Presentation Video
11:10 am Worked Example:
FIFI-LS Spectroscopy
Presentation Video
11:40 am Worked Example:
GREAT Mapping
Presentation DDT_CII.fits Video
12:10 pm Worked Example:
HAWC+ Polarimetry
Presentation PACS_70.fits PACS_160.fits​ SPIRE.fits Video
12:30 pm Q&A - -