Understanding mid and far-IR data

February 2-4, 2022
8am-11am, Pacific Time

This free virtual event is designed for anyone who uses or considers using astronomic mid and far-IR data in their scientific research. Through short lectures based on existing data and scientific results, attendees will be introduced to many of the scientific cases leveraged by such data. Detailed presentations on data analysis considerations specific to this wavelength range, such as atmospheric transmission correction, will be included. Practical examples on how to derive physical and chemical characterization of astronomical sources will be presented by authors of SOFIA papers. The school will focus on SOFIA data, but can be relevant to other mid/ far IR data, from balloon facilities or satellite data.


Margaret Meixner (SOFIA)
Luisa Rebull (IPAC)
Dario Fadda (SOFIA)
Emma Beasor (NOIR Lab)
Skarleth Motino-Flores (SOFIA)
Jessica Sutter (SOFIA)
Mélanie Chevance (Heidelberg University)
Chick Woodward (U Minn)
Matt Hankins (Arkansas Tech)
Terry Jones (U Minn)
Jordan Guerra (Villanova)
Curtis De Witt (SOFIA)
Archana Soam (Indian Institute of Astrophysics)
David Neufeld (Johns Hopkins)
Maitraiyee Tiwari (U. Maryland)
William Reach (SOFIA)
Juan Luis Verbena (University of Cologne)
Arshia Jacob (Johns Hopkins)
Janik Karoly (University of Central Lancashire)
Sachin Shenoy (SOFIA) 


Arielle Moullet (USRA/SOFIA)
Eric Becklin (USRA/SOFIA)
Maja Kazmierczak-Barthel (DSI/SOFIA)
Sachin Shenoy (SSI/SOFIA)
James De Buizer (USRA/SOFIA)
B-G Andersson (USRA/SOFIA)
William Reach (USRA/SOFIA)