The information on this page was originally related to the terminated 2018 Next Generation SOFIA Science Instrument Call for Proposals, and is for reference only.

SOFIA Next Generation Science Instrument formal solicitation (pdf)

SOFIA Next Generation Science Instrument call on NSPIRES

The SOFIA Science Instrument Development Library is a collection of SOFIA Program documents used by investigators, scientists and engineers to support proposals, development, and production of SOFIA Science Instruments. Questions and answers are publicly posted to the SOFIA Science Instrument Development FAQs page. The FAQ page is updated regularly, so please make sure to check back with us for the latest information.

The SOFIA Science Instrument Development Library is managed by the SOFIA Science Center located at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California.

Getting Started

SOFIA Science Instrument Development – Quick Look Guide
SOFIA Science Instrument Development FAQs
A .zip file of the entire library in pdf format can be downloaded by clicking here.

Key Documents
Document Number Title
SCI-AR-HBK-OP03-2000 Science Instrument Developers’ Handbook
SOF-AR-SPE-SE01-2028 SOFIA Science Instrument System Specification
SOF-NASA-SOW-PM91-2094 SOFIA Science Instrument Development Process and Deliverable Requirements
Interface Control Documents (ICDs)
Document Number Title
SOF-DA-ICD-SE03-002 Science Instrument Envelope
SOF-DA-ICD-SE03-036 Cable Load Alleviator Device/Science Instrument Cable Interface
SOF-DA-ICD-SE03-037 Telescope Assembly/Science Instrument Mounting Interface
SOF-DA-ICD-SE03-038 TA Chopper Processor/Principal Investigator Computer Direct Analog Interface
SOF-DA-ICD-SE03-051 SI Equipment Rack/TA Counterweight Interface
SOF-AR-ICD-SE03-2027 SI Equipment to Counterweight Rack
SOF-AR-ICD-SE03-2015 Principal Investigator Equipment to PI Rack to Aircraft System
SOF-AR-ICD-SE03-2029 PI Patch Panel to PI Equipment Rack(s)
SOF-DA-ICD-SE03-052 MCCS to SI Software Interface (Functional)
SCI-US-ICD-SE03-2023 Data Cycle System to Science Instrument
SOF-DA-ICD-SE03-2022 SI to Aircraft Vacuum Pump
SOF-AR-ICD-SE03-205 SI Handling Cart to Aircraft System
SCI-AR-ICD-SE03-2017 SI Handling Cart to SSMO Facility Interface
SCI-AR-ICD-SE03-2020 Telescope Assembly Alignment Simulator (TAAS)/Science Instrument (SI) ICD
SOF-NASA-ICD-SE03-2066 Phase 2 Cryocooler System to Science Instrument (SI) ICD

Additional Information

SOFIA Instrument Guide
Next Generation call for proposals charts
SOFIA Command Language Users Manual (SOF-DA-MAN-OP02-2181)


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