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Monday, July 27

Technology (Jackson, Chair)

Margaret Meixner (SMO)

Next Generation Large-Format Spectroscopic Arrays for SOFIA
Paul Goldsmith (JPL)

Heterodyne Technology for Future SOFIA Instruments
Urs Graf (U Cologne)

Far-Infrared Kinetic Inductance Detectors
Steve Hailey-Dunsheath (Caltech)

Transition Edge Sensors for (Far-)Infrared Astronomy
Johannes Staguhn (JHU and NASA GSFC)

SOFIA Possible Mid-IR Photodetector Array Technologies
Judy Pipher (U Rochester)

Epitaxial Graphene on Silicon Carbide for Terahertz Heterodyne Astronomy
Samuel Lara-Avila (Chalmers University of Technology)

Suggestions for Expanding the Science Capability of HAWC+
Darren Dowell (JPL)

B-G Andersson (SMO)

Tuesday, July 28

Instruments I (Andersson, Chair)

Summary of Workshop 1
James Jackson (SMO)

SOFIA Common Dewar Concepts
Erin Smith (NASA GSFC)

Alexander Kutyrev (UMD)

FIFI+LS: A Timely Upgrade to FIFI-LS
Leslie Looney (U Illinois)

Airborne Astronomy and Stellar Occultations: Case for a significant upgrade to the FPI+ Camera
Mike Person (MIT)

GIGS: A High-Resolution Germanium Immersion Grating Spectrograph for 3–8 µm in a Single Observation
Matt Richter (UC Davis)

Mid-Infrared Kinetic Inductance Detector and Filter Technology for Low-Resolution Spectral Imaging
Jason Glenn (NASA GSFC)

Arielle Moullet (SMO)

Wednesday, July 29

Instruments II (Moullet, Chair)

GREAT Enhancements
Bernd Klein (MPIfR)

Large TeraHertz Arrays for SOFIA
Chris Walker (U Arizona)

Description for a Submillimeter Spectrometer for SOFIA - S3
Thomas Goyette (UMass-Lowell)

SOFIA Mid-IR Polarimeter: SMIRPh
Chris Packham (UTSA)

Strategy and Programmatics (Meixner, Chair)

Roadmap Strategy/Phasing
Jim Jackson (SMO)

Potential Funding Structures and Options for SOFIA Instrumentation
Pat Knezek (NASA HQ)

A Strategy for the SOFIA instrument Roadmap: Take the Pioneer On-Ramp
Matt Greenhouse (NASA GSFC)

SOFIA Instrument Workshop II Summary
Erick Young (USRA)

Margaret Meixner (SMO)