The SOFIA Science Center held a virtual workshop July 27-29, 2020, the second of two workshops in the summer of 2020 to help create a plan and timeline, or a “roadmap,” for SOFIA’s instrument development, upgrades and capabilities during 2020-2025. These workshops are organized in response to a request from NASA to develop such a roadmap by September 1, 2020.

The first workshop, focused on science cases, took place on June 22-24. and was a successful event with more than 200 attendees, vibrant discussions and engaging talks by more than 20 invited speakers. The outcome of that workshop will be a prioritized list of science cases based on the community input.

The second workshop focused on concepts and feasibilities for instrument upgrades and new instruments, which could address these science cases. The workshop format included invited and contributed talks as well as ample time for discussion.

List of workshop registrants

Confirmed invited speakers: Darren Dowell (JPL), Jason Glenn (NASA GSFC), Paul Goldsmith (JPL), Thomas Goyette (UMass-Lowell), Urs Graf (U Cologne), Matt Greenhouse (NASA GSFC), Steve Hailey-Dunsheath (Caltech), Bernd Klein (MPIfR), Pat Knezek (NASA HQ), Alexander Kutyrev (UMD), Samuel Lara-Avila (Chalmers University of Technology), Leslie Looney (U Illiniois), Chris Packham (UTSA), Mike Person (MIT), Judy Pipher (U Rochester), Matt Richter (UC Davis), Erin Smith (NASA GSFC), Johannes Staguhn (JHU), Chris Walker (U Arizona), Erick Young (USRA)

Scientific Organizing Committee
B-G Andersson (SOFIA/USRA) Chair 
Margaret Meixner (SOFIA/USRA)
James Jackson (SOFIA/USRA)
Bill Vacca (SOFIA/USRA)
Arielle Moullet (SOFIA/USRA)
Naseem Rangwala (NASA Ames)
Bernhard Schulz (SOFIA/DSI)
Sebastian Wolf (Kiel University)

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