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Monday, June 22

Introduction and Background (Meixner, Chair)

SOFIA Instruments: Synergies with new and existing observatories
Margaret Meixner (SMO)

SOFIA Roadmap and vision for future science capabilities
Naseem Rangwala (NASA)

SOFIA – Capabilities & Context
Erick Young

High Resolution Direct-Detection Spectroscopy with SOFIA
Gordon Stacey (Cornell U.)

SOFIA Instrument Roadmap
Jim Jackson (SMO)

German Instrument Development Perspective
Bernhard Schulz (DSI)

Upgrades (Schulz, Chair)

HAWC+ Upgrade Roadmap
Michael Gordon (SMO)

Upgrade to FIFI-LS: FIFI+LS
W.D. Vacca (SMO)

Potential FORCAST Upgrades
James De Buizer (SMO)

Upgrade of the SOFIA Focal Plane Imager FPI+
Enrico Pfüller (DSI)

Summary of Day and Open Discussion
B-G Andersson (SMO)/All

Tuesday, June 23

Path to Life and Birth of Planetary Systems (Chen, Chair)

The gas mass in protoplanetary disks
Mihkel Kama (Tartu, Estonia)

The importance of late gas disks for planet formation
Quentin Kral (Paris)

Tracing the icy path to form life
Melissa McClure (Leiden)

Hydrides, including water and H2
David Neufeld (JHU)

Birth and Death of Stars (Jackson, Chair)

Exploring Red Supergiants and Evolved Massive Stars with SOFIA
Emily Levesque (UW)

Supernovae and supernova remnants
Mikako Matsuura (Cardiff)

Novae and related stellar transients
Nye Evans (Keele)

Massive star formation science opportunities with SOFIA
Friedrich Wyrowski (MPIfR)

Stellar Feedback in Orion…And Beyond
Cornelia Pabst (Leiden)

Magnetic Fields in Galactic Star Formation
Ian Stephens (CfA)

Tracking Protostellar Luminosity Outbursts with SOFIA
Will Fischer (STScI)

Exoplanet Science Potential
Mark Swain (JPL)

Jim Jackson (SMO)/All

Wednesday, June 24

Galaxy Evolution, Calibrating the Distant Universe (Andersson, Chair)

Gas Flows in Galaxy Centers from kiloparsec to subparsec scales
Elizabeth A.C. Mills (University of Kansas)

Galactic Center Star Formation
John Bally (Colorado)

The Rise of Metals across Time and Space, and High-Redshift Perspectives on SOFIA
Justin Spilker (UT Austin)

Studying the life-cycle of the interstellar medium in galaxies with far-infrared spectral lines.
Jorge Pineda (JPL)

Magnetic Fields in Galaxies: A Study of the B-Field in the Multi-phase ISM
Enrique Lopez Rodriguez (SMO)

The Role of SOFIA in Extragalactic Science
Sue Madden (Saclay)

Solar System (Moullet, Chair)

Comets and the Origin of Earth’s Water
Darek Lis (JPL)

Asteroids, TNOs and SOFIA
Maggie McAdam (NASA)

Giant Planet Science Opportunities with SOFIA
Leigh Fletcher (Leicester)

Exploring terrestrial planets with SOFIA
Geronimo Villanueva (GSFC)

Discussion, Summary and Recommendations

What is SOFIA’s role?
Judy Pipher (Rochester)/All

Summary/lessons/where do we go from here?
Jim Jackson (SMO)