The colloquia are currently held via WebEx on Wednesday afternoons, 3:30 - 4:30 pm (any exceptions are noted in the event description). Join the WebEx meeting using this link. It is also possible to call through your computer or by phone at the number listed on your WebEx session (WebEx help).

The list of talks from 2009 onward may be found by clicking on the year in the sidebar on the Events page and then sorting by Colloquia.


Fall Colloquia Details
Event Event date Speaker Affiliation
The Far Ultraviolet diffuse background Shrinivas Kulkani Caltech
Uncovering the IR Bright Portions of Sgr A with SOFIA/FORCAST Matthew Hankins Arkansas Tech
Carbon Stars and Dust Gregory Sloan STScI
The chemical evolution of galaxies across cosmic time Tucker Jones UC Davis
Evolution of Gas and Stars in Galaxies over the last 12 billion years Nick Scoville Caltech
The Magnetic Milky Way in Three Dimensions - Susan Clark Stanford U
Simulating vs. Observing Molecular Clouds: What’s Hidden in The Dark? Steffie Walch-Gassner U. Cologne
Surprises from the Expansion of the Universe Adam Riess JHU/STScI
Simulating Protoplanetary Disk Ices Nicholas Ballering UVA
David Neufeld David Neufeld JHU
Sabrina Stierwalt Sabrina Stierwalt Occidental College
Spring Colloquia Details
Event Event Date Speaker Affiliation
AGN in the IR: Progress & Prospects Chris Packham UTSA
Grant Tremblay Grant Tremblay CfA
The Role of Magnetic Fields Across the Milky Way: Polarimetry from HAWC+/SOFIA David Chuss Villanova
The Circumgalactic Medium of Galaxies Nicolas Lehner Notre Dame
Recent Results from the JCMT BISTRO Survey: The Evolution of Magnetic Fields in Filamentary Structures Kate Pattle NUI Galway
Distant Dusty Universe Irene Shivaei University of Arizona
ALPINE - ALMA Large Program to Investigate [CII] at Early Times Lin Yan Caltech
MAPS: Molecules with ALMA at Planet-forming Scales Viviana Guzman UPC
Unraveling galaxy evolution: connecting physical processes to their observational signatures Tjitske Starkenburg Northwestern University
Probing Planetary and Substellar Magnetospheres with Brown Dwarf Radio Emission Melodie Kao University of Arizona
Giant Pulses From a Tiny Star Natalia Lewandowska Haverford
The Galactic Center Chimneys and the Galactic Wind Mark Morris UCLA
Planet-forming disks in the era of ALMA Laura Perez Universidad de Chile
EXCLAIM: a new balloon mission to map the cosmological history of galaxies Eric Switzer NASA Goddard