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The  townhall is accessible to the attendees of the 237th AAS meeting (online). 

The US-German Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) continues to provide to the international community a unique access to mid- and far-infrared observations with a broad range of instruments. SOFIA is in its 8th observing cycle and will start its 9th cycle in July 2021. 

During this Town Hall, the SOFIA Director, Margaret Meixner, and the SOFIA team will report on the Instrument Roadmap, a document which will be delivered to NASA in the Fall of 2020 describing the priorities, timelines and modalities for SOFIA instruments' upgrades and new instrument development . This report will be based on the feedback from the community on the most compelling science cases and technical feasibility considerations, which will have been collected during a series of workshops in the Summer of 2020.

Further topics will include the status of the observatory, the ongoing Cycle 8 observations including Legacy Programs, a summary of the proposal selection process and outcome for Cycle 8 and the implementation of the recent reviews’ recommendations.

In addition to communicating the current status and plans by the SOFIA program, this Town Hall will allow direct feedback by the SOFIA user community regarding current operations and future plans.