The Dynamics and Mass Ejection in RCW 36
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Lars Bonne
SOFIA Science Center
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I will present [CII] and [OI] observations with the upGREAT receiver onboard SOFIA of the HII region RCW 36 in the context of the FEEDBACK legacy project. RCW 36 is an edge-on bipolar HII region in the Vela C giant molecular cloud (GMC) with a dense molecular ring at the waist of the bipolar nebula. Both the [CII] and [OI] spectra show self-absorption signatures. The [CII] data further unveils anisotropic expansion away from the ionizing O star with velocities in the range of 1-6 km/s. The data further also unveils high-velocity (> 10 km/s) wings with a high associated mass ejection rate that can disperse the surrounding molecular cloud within 1-2 Myr. I will further also present the first results from BLASTpol and SOFIA HAWC+ magnetic field observations of the HII region. With complementary archival data that trace the ionizing O stars, the ionized gas and the impact of stellar winds, I will then discuss the physical processes that might drive the observed expansion and mass ejection. This data also shows that stellar feedback is forming a second layer of even larger cavities in Vela C, demonstrating that stellar feedback can have an impact on the GMC scale on relatively short timescales.

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