Extragalactic magnetism with ALMA and SOFIA
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Enrique López-Rodriguez
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Summer Series

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Both ALMA and SOFIA have recently facilitated the study of extragalactic magnetic fields in the cold and dense molecular disks of galaxies.  ALMA has traced the pc-scale magnetic fields supporting the accretion flow around an active nuclei. SOFIA has traced the hundred pc-scale magnetic fields in the surrounding areas of active nuclei and the kpc-scale ordered magnetic fields in spiral galaxies, starbursts, and mergers. These observations show that magnetic fields are ubiquitous at all scales in galaxies opening the question on how important these magnetic fields are in galaxy evolution. This talk will present recent highlights on extragalactic magnetism using SOFIA and ALMA and future prospects to analyze the multi-scale magnetic fields to put the hydromagnetical models of galaxy formation in former footing. 

The video of this talk is available here.

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