FIFI-LS Result: [CII] Line Excess in an AGN Host Galaxy
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Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova
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I present FIFI-LS observations of 5 AGN host galaxies in [CII] line as part of the Close AGN Reference Survey (CARS, The [CII] 158-micron emission line is one of the strongest far-infrared lines and an important coolant in the interstellar medium of galaxies that is accessible out to high redshifts. The excitation of [CII] is complex and can best be studied in detail at low redshifts. I report the discovery of the highest global [CII] excess with respect to the FIR luminosity in the nearby AGN host galaxy HE 1353-1917. This galaxy is exceptional among a sample of five targets because the AGN ionization cone and radio jet directly intercept the cold galactic disk. As a consequence, a massive multiphase gas outflow on kiloparsec scales is embedded in an extended narrow-line region. I also propose an interpretation for global [CII] excess in AGN host galaxies -- it could be a direct signature of a multiphase AGN-driven outflow with a high mass-loading factor.

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