FORCAST's View of the Serpens South Protocluster Core
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Tracy Huard
University of Maryland
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With a high ratio of protostars to young stellar objects (YSOs), the Serpens South Protocluster is among the youngest known clusters.  At the time of its discovery, 91 protostars and YSOs were identified based on excess infrared emission; half of these members are found within the cluster core.  We observed most of this core in a single FORCAST field of view at 19.7, 25.3, and 37.1 microns.  These observations revealed a faint protostar about 7" (2900 AU at 415 pc) from a previously known protostar, demonstrating a strength of FORCAST in discovering faint sources previously unresolved from brighter neighboring sources.  Another strength of FORCAST is that it may reveal internal luminosities of protostars with precision approaching that achieved by Spitzer and Herschel.  I will present our FORCAST observations of Serpens South, spectral energy distributions of cluster members, and radiative transfer models that may be used to interpret these observations as well as FORCAST observations of other protostars.

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