HAWC+, SOFIA's Facility Far-IR Camera and Polarimeter
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Darren Dowell
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We describe the current status of the HAWC+ instrument for SOFIA after recent commissioning and first science flights. HAWC+ is a multi-band far-infrared imager featuring three 32x40 detector arrays, with two of the arrays in an optimum polarimeter configuration, and a set of half-wave-plate polarization modulators. The detectors use transition-edge sensors in a BUG architecture from Goddard, hybridized with SQUID multiplexers from NIST. HAWC+ observes in four continuum bands from 53 to 216 microns, offering angular resolution as fine as 5" (FWHM) when operated on the SOFIA telescope. After first-light flights in April/May 2016, followed by further work on the internal thermal subsystem over the summer, HAWC+ was commissioned in its present configuration during flights in October and December. In addition, first science observations were made in support of several Cycle 4 and GTO programs. We describe some preliminary commissioning results as well as the GTO astrophysics programs planned for HAWC+.

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