Infrared View of the Multiphase Interstellar Medium in NGC 253
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Andre Beck
University of Stuttgart, DSI
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Note: Date for this talk has been rescheduled from October 12 to October 26. There will be no Tele-Talk on October 12.

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We present a combined data set from SOFIA, Spitzer and Herschel observations from which we determine gas phase densities and elemental abundances of the ISM in the nuclear region of the starburst galaxy NGC 253. Following this we use the Bayesian code MULTIGRIS and a grid of Cloudy models with a multiphase approach to constrain physical parameters of the different gas phases in the nuclear region, such as age of the starburst, densities, intensities of the radiation field, as well as parameters of the AGN. This approach provides a complete self-consistent picture of the ISM in the nuclear region of NGC 253.

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