Multifrequency high spectral resolution observations of HCN toward the circumstellar envelope (CSE) of Y Canum Venaticorum (Y CVn)
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Ed Montiel
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Summer Series

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We observed the C-rich, J-type asymptotic giant branch (AGB) star Y CVn with EXES/SOFIA, TEXES/IRTF, and the IRAM 30-m telescope. The (T)EXES data are high spectral resolution (R > 60,000) mid-IR observations at 7.5, 13.1, and 14.0 micron. We identified around 130 features of both HCN and H13CN with these data. The IRAM 30-m observations provided complementary information on the pure rotational transitions J = 1−0 and 3-2. The synergy of these observations has revealed many insights throughout the entirety of Y CVn's CSE including: that the HCN appears to be distributed anisotropically, as well as rotationally and vibrationally out of local thermodynamic equilibrium throughout the whole envelope.

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