Origins Space Telescope & SOFIA
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Kimberly Ennico Smith
N232, Room 103
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The Origins Space Telescope (OST) is one of the concepts under study for the 2020 Decadal.  OST is a large (8-15 meter diameter) actively cooled (4 K structure) telescope equipped with a multiple-instrument complement that will answer questions aligned with four large science themes: (1) Tracing the Signatures of Life and the Ingredients of Habitable Worlds, (2) Unveiling the Growth of Black Holes and Galaxies over Cosmic Time, (3) Charting the Rise of Metals, Dust, and the First Galaxies, and (4) Characterizing Small Bodies in the Solar System. I will provide an update on the study concept to date, along with thoughts where SOFIA can play a role.  Learn more about OST here.