Probing the Large-Scale Multiphase ISM in 30 Doradus in the LMC with SOFIA/FIFI LS
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Mélanie Chevance
CEA Saclay
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The 30 Doradus region in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) offers one of the best laboratories to examine in detail the interplay between stellar activity and a metal-poor interstellar medium (ISM). The Herschel/PACS and SPIRE/FTS observations of FIR fine structure lines, combined with Spitzer/IRS spectroscopic maps, have been used to constrain the physical conditions in the photo-dissociation regions (PDR) with the Meudon PDR code (Le Petit et al., 2006). This allowed us to construct a comprehensive, self-consistent picture of the density, radiation field, and ISM structure (Chevance et al., 2016) and bring constraints to the fraction of “CO-dark molecular gas” and find that a large reservoir of H2 is not traced by CO in this extreme environment. However, this study is limited by the small spatial coverage of the PACS maps. We present here our follow-up observations of [CII] 158 µm, [OI] 145 µm, [OIII] 88 µm and [OIII] 52 µm of the full 90pc x 75pc region with SOFIA/FIFI-LS, which reveal a more complete picture of this region and will allow us to study the evolution of the gas conditions and structure with the proximity of R136.

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