SOFIA Open Calls for Proposals: what you need to know
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Arielle Moullet
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The calls for Cycle 10 observations on SOFIA are now open, with a deadline of January 28, 2022. A total of approximatively 650 hours of observations will be offered during Cycle 10, with funding available to eligible proposers (~$7.5M total). In addition to regular Northern observations from its home base in Palmdale, SOFIA plans to carry out three Southern deployments during the Cycle, including for the first time a deployment with the EXES instrument (high resolution spectrograph, 4.5 – 28.3 μm). The purpose of this event is to provide practical information to both experienced and prospective SOFIA users on how to best design a scientifically and technically strong SOFIA proposal for Cycle 10. The offered observational capabilities and their connection to science cases, the different proposal types, as well as the associated funding opportunities will be described.

Webinar slides (pdf)

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