SOFIA synergies with the CARS multi-wavelength data
Event date
Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova
Event Type
Summer Series

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The Close AGN Reference Survey (CARS) consists of 40 luminous unobscured AGN host galaxies distant-wise close enough (0.01 < z <0.06) to be spatially resolved. The CARS science is based on the multi-wavelength approach, and I will present the SOFIA role in it: 1) the HAWC+ photometry, which is a part of the SED dataset, an essential part of the CARS data release; 2) the FIFI-LS [CII] maps of the five CARS targets that led to the [CII] excess discovery (I gave a SOFIA Tele-talk on this topic already available); 3) and the follow-up FIFI-LS observations that confirmed the proposed [CII] excess mechanism and introduced an intriguing result on its own having synergies with the VLA radio continuum data.

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