SOFIA-upGREAT Spectroscopic Imaging of the 158um [C II] Spectral Line of the Galactic Center's SgrB Region
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Andy Harris
University of Maryland
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SOFIA-upGREAT spectroscopic imaging of the 158um [C II] spectral line explored a 67x45 pc field toward the Sgr B region in our Galactic center. Sgr B extends as a coherent structure spanning some 34 pc along the Galactic plane. Bright [C II] emission encompasses Sgr B1 (G0.5--0.0), the G0.60-0.01 H II region, and passes behind and beyond the luminous star forming cores toward Sgr B2 (G0.7--0.0). [C II], 70um, and 20cm emission share nearly identical spatial distributions. Combined with the lack of [C II] self-absorption, this indicates that these probes trace UV on the near surfaces of more extended clouds visible in CO isotopologues and 160um continuum. Stars from regions of local star formation likely dominate the UV field. Photodissociation regions and H II regions contribute similar amounts of [C II] flux. Sgr B is a major contributor to the entire Galactic center's [CII] luminosity, but the extreme star formation cores of Sgr B2 contribute negligible amounts to the total. Velocity fields and association with a narrow dust lane indicate that the cores may have been produced in a local cloud-cloud collision.  The cores are likely local analogs of the intense star formation regions where ideas to explain the ``C+ deficit'' in ultra-luminous galaxies can be tested.

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