SOFIA: Your Window to the Far-Infrared Universe (A 30-minute AAS Plenary Talk Encore)
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Jim De Buizer
N232 R103
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The end of the cryogenic Spitzer and Herschel missions left a lasting legacy and set the present stage for the Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy. Since reaching full operational capability in 2014, SOFIA has taken on the mantle of being the world’s only open access resource for studies of the mid- to far-infrared universe.  SOFIA’s arsenal of instruments extend beyond Spitzer’s wavelength and spectral resolution coverage, and will complement the future capabilities of JWST. In this talk I will discuss a few of SOFIA’s most recent science results and their synergies and complementary nature to what Spitzer accomplished. These results will also be placed in the context SOFIA’s place as we enter into the JWST era.