SOFIA/FIFI-LS CII Observations of the Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC6946
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Frank Bigiel
University of Bonn
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I will present results from a recent publication, featuring full-disk CII observations across the nearby, molecular gas-rich and very actively star forming spiral galaxy NGC 6946. I will discuss spectral line stacking as a tool to extract high signal-to-noise measurements across different regions (spiral arms, interarm region and center) and radial trends across the galaxy disk. The latter include ancillary data from atomic and molecular gas as well as star formation rate tracers and key CII line ratios, such as CII/TIR, CII/CO or CII/I_PAH. In addition, I will show results for individual, approximately kpc-sized regions across the galaxy disk with a focus on CII/SFR and CII/CO ratios and discuss environmental differences of these ratios and their interpretation. Using the new CII observations, I will finally compare two independent estimates of the CO-dark gas fraction across the disk and discuss our findings.

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