Southern Sources with EXES/SOFIA: A Community Chat
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Southern Sources with EXES/SOFIA: A Community Chat
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The EXES instrument onboard SOFIA (4.5 – 28.3 μm, R=5000-100000) typically operates during ~ 20 flights per observing cycle, all departing from the NASA Palmdale base. These flights can access a large section of the observing sky, but cannot reach regions with declinations below -36 degrees (and in practice, below -24 degrees for faint sources), which require flights departing from a Southern hemisphere base. For example, a project geared towards trying to study water towards Ophiuchus or anything targeting the Galactic Center.

The SOFIA Science Center is soliciting input from the astrophysics community at large to evaluate the potential scientific impact unlocked of Southern observations with EXES in the next few years. In particular, we want to understand which EXES data from Southern sources could leverage the interpretation of MIRI/Webb observations (which cover the same wavelength range with lower spectral resolution), and complement atmosphere-impacted TEXES and CRIRES observations. This 1.5 h webinar is an opportunity for anyone to present ideas about high-impact EXES observations of Southern sources, which will be used as inputs to the development of a long-term Southern deployment strategy, supporting Cycle 10 and beyond.

To help us prepare for a productive workshop, please consider sharing your suggestions for observations on this collaborative document before the meeting -- please send a request for editing permissions. If you would prefer to share your input outside of a public forum, we encourage you to contact the EXES team.

Download webinar slides here.

Registrant List
First Name Last Name Institution
B-G Andersson SOFIA Science Center
Peter Barnes Space Science Institute
Salma Bejaoui NASA Ames research center
Lars Bonne SOFIA Science Center, USRA
Laure Bouscasse MPIfR
Christine Chen STScI
Curtis DeWitt USRA/SOFIA
Jochen Eislöffel Thüringer Landessternwarte, Tautenburg, Germany
José Pablo Fonfría IFF-CSIC
Guido Fuchs University Kassel
Thomas Greathouse Southwest Research Institute
Thomas Greene NASA Ames Research Center
Graham Harper Center for Astrophysics and Space Science, CU Boulder
Nick Indriolo Space Telescope Science Institute
James Jackson USRA/SOFIA
Olivia Jones Uk ATC
Ulli Kaeufl ex ESO
Janik Karoly University of Central Lancashire
Kathleen Kraemer Boston College
Lerothodi Leeuw University of the Western Cape
Maggie McAdam NASA ARC
Margaret Meixner SOFIA/USRA
Edward Montiel USRA/SOFIA
Arielle Moullet SOFIA/USRA
Isha Nayak Space Telescope Science Institute
David Neufeld Johns Hopkins University
Sarah Nickerson BAERI/NASA Ames
Yvonne Pendleton NASA Ames Research Center
Naseem Rangwala NASA Ames
Maisie Rashman UC Davis
William Reach USRA/SOFIA
Matt Richter UC Davis
Tom Roellig NASA Ames Research Center
Hideo Sagawa Kyoto Sangyo University
James Sinclair Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology
Archana Soam SOFIA Science Center, USRA
Aditya Togi University of Montana
Amanda Townsend UC Davis
Łukasz Tychoniec ESO Garching
William Vacca SOFIA
Yao-Lun Yang University of Virginia
Hans Zinnecker Universidad Autonoma de Chile, Santiago and DSI, Univ. Stuttgart, Germany (retired)