Uncovering the IR Bright Portions of Sgr A with SOFIA/FORCAST
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Matthew Hankins
Arkansas Tech
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As part of a cycle 7 SOFIA Legacy Program, we obtained imaging observations of some of the brightest infrared portions of the inner ~200 pc of our Galaxy at 25 and 37 microns. These data have provided new insights into some of the most complex regions within our galaxy, and specifically this talk will focus on the Sgr A region where the observations allow us to examine possible signs of nuclear activity. Recent observations at radio and x-ray wavelengths have provided compelling evidence of large-scale (100’s of pc) outflows referred to as ‘chimney’ features (Ponti+ 2021) and mid-IR observations from WISE have demonstrated a connection with these features in the mid-IR. The FORCAST data provide a unique opportunity to study near the base of these features as they intersect with the galactic plane, down to the central few parsecs within Sgr A which are badly saturated in WISE. As part of our analysis, we examine a number of interesting mid-IR objects as well as structures which may be indicative of inflowing or outflowing material from the regions near the circumnuclear disk. In addition to our study of Sgr A, we will also present ongoing work with more recent FORCAST observations of isolated sources in nearby regions which are being carried out as part of an ongoing cycle 9 program.

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