Unveiling the Magnetic Properties of a Protostellar Core with SOFIA
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Elena Redaelli
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Magnetic fields are ubiquitous in the interstellar medium, and they certainly play an important role during the star formation process. However, their interplay with forces such as gravity and turbulence is a topic still under great debate, also due to the intrinsic difficulties of magnetic field observations. In this talk, I will present the polarimetric observations of the protostellar core IRAS15398 performed with the SOFIA/HAWC+ camera at 214 microns. IRAS15398 is a young class 0 object embedded in Lupus I, a cloud known to be a highly magnetised environment. In our new data, the B field appears ordered and aligned with the large-scale field of the cloud and with the outflow direction. The field lines, however, present a significant bend due to the gravitational pull. We estimate a magnetic field strength of B= 78 µG, which is expected to be accurate within a factor of two. The measured mass-to-flux parameter is λ = 0.95, indicating that the core is in a transcritical regime.

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