An upGREAT View of the Treasure Chest in Carina
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Bhaswati Mookerjea
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I will present the results of our recent study of the G287.84-0.82 cometary globule (with the Treasure Chest cluster embedded in it) in the South Pillars region of Carina. The region is interesting because it is likely shaped by the radiation and wind from eta Car and also harbors newly formed stars which appear to have created internal an Photon Dominated Region (PDR). We used maps of the emission of [CII] at 158 micron, [OI] at 63micron and CO(11-10) observed with upGREAT on SOFIA and J=2-1 transitions of CO, 13CO, C18O and J=3-2 transitions of H2CO observed with APEX.  In this talk I will demonstrate the use of these observations to probe the morphology, kinematics, and physical conditions of the molecular gas and the photon dominated regions (PDRs) in G287.84-0.82.

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