Velocity Profiles of [CII], [CI], CO and [OI] and Physical Conditions in Four Star-Forming Regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud
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Yoko Okada
University of Cologne
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I will present the first velocity-resolved [OI] emissions in the LMC, together with other emission lines from carbon-bearing species. In the observed four star-forming regions, the line profiles of CO, 13CO and [CI] emissions are similar, whereas [CII] typically shows wider line profiles or an additional velocity component. The [OI] profiles match those of CO at some positions, while they are more similar to the [CII] profiles at other positions. The different line profiles of CO, [CII], and [OI] can be interpreted as contributions from spatially separated clouds and/or clouds in different physical phases. In the second part of the talk I will show the column densities of C+/C/CO in four LMC star-forming regions together with the SMC results. Interestingly we did not see a clear metallicity effect on the C+/CO column density ratio. Lastly I will present the results of modeling the line and continuum emissions using the latest KOSMA-tau PDR model; the line and continuum emissions are not well-reproduced by a single clump ensemble.

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