Our Galactic Ecosystem: Opportunities and Diagnostics in the Infrared and Beyond
In-person conference, February 28-March 4, 2022, Lake Arrowhead, CA

Colloquia and Tele-Talks
Talks include Colloquia and Tele-talks that anyone is welcome to attend.

S3: SOFIA Science Series
The SOFIA Science Series is a series of workshops covering a variety of topics relevant to the infrared astronomical community. 

SOFIA/ALMA Summer Series
North American ALMA Science Center and SOFIA Science Center joint summer seminar series, exploring synergies between radio/millimeter and infrared observations, spanning a large range of astrophysical topics. 

Meetings and Workshops
Meetings and workshops are events designed for scientists who want to learn more about SOFIA and get help with submitting proposals and using SOFIA data.

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SOFIA School 2022: Understanding mid and far-IR data

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Understanding mid and far-IR data: This free virtual event is designed for anyone who uses or considers using astronomic mid and far-IR data in their scientific research. Through short lectures based on existing data and scientific results, attendees will be introduced to many of the scientific cases leveraged by such data. Detailed presentations on data analysis considerations specific to this wavelength range, such as atmospheric transmission correction, will be included.

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