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The North American ALMA Science Center and the SOFIA Science Center presented their joint Summer seminar series, exploring synergies between radio/millimeter and infrared observations, spanning a large range of astrophysical topics. The six-week series featured a 40 to 45-minute talk Thursdays at 3:30pm EDT/12:30pm PDT, starting 10 June and concluding on 22 July 2021. A Q&A/discussion session followed each talk. 

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SOFIA/ALMA Summer Series
Event Event date Speaker Affiliation
Extragalactic magnetism with ALMA and SOFIA Enrique López-Rodriguez KIPAC/Stanford
Far-infrared Ionized Carbon Emission: the Missing Piece of the ISM Puzzle Alberto Bolatto UMD
Accretion outburst from a massive protostar: a sequence of extraordinary observational results Todd Hunter NRAO
The Force Awakens: How a Growing Black Hole Affects its Host Galaxy Allison Kirkpatrick Kansas University
Tracing the formation and evolution of planetary debris disks with multiwavelength approaches Kate Su University of Arizona
Mapping the surfaces properties of icy and rocky Solar System worlds Katherine de Kleer Caltech