SOFIA Community Forum (SCF) Tele-Talks are colloquia presented over the telephone, with slides distributed ahead of time. The talks are targeted broadly towards members of the astronomy community who are interested in SOFIA science and in the current and potential scientific capabilities of the observatory. The talks are held approximately twice a month on Wednesdays at 9:00 AM (PST). The series is being organized by Dan Lester. For information on how to participate in the teletalks, please check the SOFIA Tele-Talk page.

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Archive of talks with presentation files from January 2012 onward can be found here

Presentation slides and audio files for all past Tele-Talks can be found here.

Tele-Talk Details
Event Event date Speaker Affiliation
Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of a Globule in Cygnus X - Nicola Schneider and Markus Röllig University of Cologne
SOFIA Instrumentation Planning Margaret Meixner & Bernhard Schulz SOFIA Science Center/Deutsche SOFIA Institut
Velocity-Resolved [OI] (and other) Fine Structure Line Observations and Star Formation: New Results and New Capabilities Paul Goldsmith NASA JPL
Role of Terahertz and Far-IR for Prebiotic Molecules - Duncan Mifsud & Sergio Ioppolo University of Kent & Queen Mary University of London
Large Scale Spectral Mapping - Ronan Higgins University of Cologne
Magnetic Field and Cloud Structure in L1688 - Dennis Lee Northwestern University