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Monday, October 17, 2016
Start Duration
Topic Presenter File
8:30 15 Welcome & Introduction Hal Yorke, Erick Young, Pam Marcum, Kartik Sheth --
8:45 45 Theoretical Perspectives Ralf Klessen File
9:30 20 What FIREs Up Star Formation: the Emergence of the Kennicutt-Schmidt Law from Feedback Matthew Orr File
9:50 20 The Role of Cosmic Rays in Tracing Molecular Gas in Galaxies Thomas Bisbas File
10:10 20 Break
10:30 45 Observational Basis Charlie Lada File
11:15 30 Low Mass Star Formation in the Diverse Environments of Orion: Result from the Herschel Orion Protostar Survey Tom Megeath File
11:45 20 What Does Polarization Really Measure? B-G Andersson File
12:05 120 Lunch
14:05 45 ISM Phases: Heating and Cooling Xander Tielens File
14:50 30 Far-infrared fine structure cooling in dark molecular clouds Sarah Ragan File
15:20 20 [CII] 158 um self-absorption and optical depth effects: M17SW Cristian Guevara File
15:40 30 Break
16:10 30 What are we learning from Galactic Fine Structure Lines? Paul Goldsmith File
16:40 30 Tracing CO-dark Gas in Galaxies Diane Cormier File
17:10 30 SOFIA Capabilities Erick Young File
18:00 60 Dinner
19:00 120 Reception
Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Start Duration
Topic Presenter File
8:30 45 Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium David Neufeld File
9:15 20 EXES Observations of CH4 and SO2 toward Massive Young Stellar Objects Adwin Boogert File
9:35 20 The Cold Interstellar Medium Traced by the Largest Bound Atoms in Space Pedro Salas File
9:55 20 Break
10:15 45 Cloud and Filament Support Edith Falgarone File
11:00 30 SOFIA follow-ups of massive clumps from the ATLASGAL galactic plane survey Friedrich Wyrowski File
11:30 30 HAWC+ and Magnetic Fields Darren Dowell File
12:00 120 Lunch
14:00 45 Disks Uma Gorti File
14:45 30 A Far-IR Determination of Gas Mass and Carbon Depletion in Protoplanetaery Disks Melissa McClure File
15:15 30 Velocity resolved [OI] 63 micron Line Emission in Proto-planetary Disks Göran Sandell --
15:45 30 Break
16:15 30 Variable Accretion in Protostars Klaus Hodapp File
16:45 30 Investigating Accretion Variability Onto Deeply Embedded Protostars: A Tool for Measuring Accretion Processes Within Protostellar Disks Doug Johnstone File
17:15 30 The unique outburst from S255IR-NIRS3 - clues for high-mass star formation Bringfried Stecklum File
18:00 90 Dinner
19:30 45 Historical Review of Airborne Astronomy

Ed Erickson,

Eric Becklin



Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Start Duration
Topic Presenter File
8:30 45 High Mass Star Formation Jonathan Tan File
9:15 20 The Location, Clustering, and Propagation of Massive Star Formation in Giant Molecular Clouds Bram Ochsendorf File
9:35 30 FORCAST Studies of High-Mass Star Formation on Small and Large Scales Jim De Buizer File
10:05 20 Break
10:25 45 Feedback John Bally File
11:10 20 Feedback and accretion toward proto-O-stars Adam Ginsburg File
11:30 30 Chemical Feedback Helmut Wiesemeyer --
12:00 120 Lunch
14:00 45 Galactic Center Mark Morris File
14:45 30 The Circumnuclear Disk around Sgr A* -- Observations with FIFI-LS Alfred Krabbe --
15:15 30 Investigating Dust Production and Survival with SOFIA and Beyond Ryan Lau --
15:45 30 Break
16:15 30 FIR-line spectroscopy of S106 with GREAT/SOFIA as a versatile diagnostic tool for the evolution of massive stars Nicola Schneider File
16:45 30 Turbulence and Reconnection Diffusion Alex Lazarian File
17:15 30 SPICA and its Instruments in the ESA Cosmic Vision M5 Competition Frank Helmich File
18:00 90 Dinner
19:30 45 Synergies Karl Menten File
Thursday, October 20, 2016
Start Duration
Topic Presenter File
8:30 45 Exploring ISM and Star Formation Physics in the LMC and SMC in the SOFIA Era Julia Roman-Duval File
9:15 20 Multi-Wavelength Analysis of the Most Luminous Young Stellar Object in the Large Magellanic Cloud Omnarayani Nayak File
9:35 20 SOFIA/GREAT observation of LMC-N11: does [CII] trace regions with a large molecular gas fraction? Vianney Lebouteiller File
9:55 20 Break
10:15 30 Probing the Large-Scale Multiphase ISM in an Extreme Star Forming Low-Metallicity Environment: 30 Doradus in the LMC Sue Madden File
10:45 45 External Galaxies Gordon Stacey --
11:30 20 FIFI-LS Observations of M82 Christian Fischer --
12:00 120 Lunch
14:00 30 Unraveling the evolution of the interstellar medium and star formation in the M51 grand-desing spiral galaxy with SOFIA. Jorge Pineda File
14:30 20 The origin of cold gas in giant elliptical galaxies and its role in fueling radio-mode AGN feedback Norbert Werner File
14:50 30 The High-Resolution Mid-Infrared Spectrometer (HIRMES): a third generation instrument for SOFIA Gordon Stacey --
15:20 30 Break
15:50 45 Synthesis Mike Werner, Hal Yorke --
16:35 30 Open Discussion Session: SOFIA 4th Generation Instrument Erick Young File
18:00 90 Dinner

Poster Presentations 

Poster Presentations
Author Title File
A. Boogert EXES Observations of CH4 and SO2 toward Massive Young Stellar Objects --
A. Bryant Characterizing the Circumnuclear Disk around Sgr A* with Far Infrared FIFI-LS Observations --
A. Dosaj SOFIA Science Flight Planning --
E.F. Erickson Airborne Infrared Astronomical Telescopes File
M.J. Hankins Infrared Observations of the Arched Filaments in the Galactic Center using SOFIA/FORCAST --
R. Klein How are molecular clouds eroded? File
M. Liu The SOFIA Massive (SOMA) Star Formation Survey - Peering to the Heart of Massive Star Birth File
E.A.C. Mills Feeding the Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole --
E.J. Montiel Science with the Echelon Cross Echelle Spectrograph --
C. Pabst [CII] 158 um Emission from the Orion B Molecular Cloud --
J.L. Pineda Characterizing the formation and evolution of molecular clouds in the Magellanic clouds with [CII], [CI] and CO File
J. Radomski UCHII Morphologies: A Multi-wavelength Re-classification --
N. Rangwala SOFIA/EXES 13 micron high spectral resolution observations of Orion IRc2 File
J. Rho Discovery of Millimeter Shocked Molecular Gas and Molecular Hydrogen from the Supernova Remnant G357.7+0.3: HHSMT, APEX, Spitzer and SOFIA Observations File
G. Sandell The ionized Jet and Molecular Outflow from NGC7538 IRS1 --
G. Sandell LkHa101, an extreme Emission Line Star with a Disk and illuminating an HII region --
G. Saurage SOFIA Mission Operations: Behind the Scenes --
A. Tielens Physics of the Interstellar Medium --
A.P.M. Towner Resolving the Mid-Infrared Population in Massive Protoclusters --
M.G. Wolfire [CII], [NII], and [OI] Emission From An Evolving HII Region/PDR --